Version 1a of Results Summary spreadsheet

Update: April'11.  The much improved Results Summary v2 spreadsheet is now available for download! Including results summarised by sports, Betdaq support and much more.  Check out the post about it here

I've made a small improvement the Results Summary spreadsheet. Save it to the same folder as your current version. After opening it and turning macros on, press the new button, "Import records from previous version" next to the "undo current import" button. Then you're up and running!

Firstly, the weekly totals now have the date that each week started on rather than the week number.

This is a bit more meaningful and also has the benefit of sorting correctly - as the weeks numbered 1 to 10 were previously sorting incorrectly with 1 appearing before 19 and 2 before 29 etc (I hadn't noticed as I've only been using this spreadsheet since last May). But you'll be ok until mid-March next year with the old version!

The second little improvement is that the data import macro will now work even if you rename "Results Summary" to something else. The Betfair P&L file must still have the default name of BettingPandL.xls and be in the same folder as Results Summary though. This will be useful if you want to have separate instances of Results Summary for different accounts, or simply to call it something else.

Any questions, let me know! There have now been over 100 downloads of the first version. Hope you are all finding it useful.

The original post about Results Summary can be found by clicking here.

Have a great Xmas & New Year (particularly on Boxing Day and New Year's Day racing!).

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