Sports Personality Of The Year

Great to see AP win the oddly named SPOTY, getting an impressive 44% of the total vote.  Nice one!  Hope he's not going to retire too soon, he's talking about going out whilst on top.......

Well done to anyone backing him before the cat was out of the bag (touched 120).

I was really pleased with Phil Talyor getting 2nd, darts is great for trading, and all-round action-woman Jessica Ennis coming 3rd, I just enjoy watching her for some reason.


  1. Thanks for asking! Are there any particular topics you'd like to see posts on?

    Yup, there will be more posts soon as I'm busy beavering away on a major update to my Results Summary spreadsheet which will graphically show your Betfair P&L split by sport and the horse racing codes. It will also import Betdaq P&L files.

    More info soon! Cheers, MG

  2. Mind Games, i know you don't like talking p @ l as such but wondered how you were finding Cheltenham this year?

  3. I don't keep stats, but maybe the traded volumes are slightly down? I've never really got on with pre-race trading where the markets have huge sums stacked up - fortunately most of the year this isn't the case! I've been B2L'ing in-running and have had a few cock-ups, the way the race changes at the bottom of the hill keeps on catching me out even though I'm looking out for it!

    I backed Denman for a place after the drift over 3.0 (for old times sake!) and thoroughly enjoyed the white knuckle ride from about halfway when he took a few slowly, but the way he scooted on 3 out was a sight to behold. What a great race.

    How about you?