Get Results Summary spreadsheet now before the price increase!

Many thanks to all the current purchasers of the Results Summary spreadsheet!  It would be great to hear more from traders and gamblers who've used it to improve their profits.

For me, I was hemorrhaging money on flat races (in-play trading) which I wasn't aware of - a classic gambler's case of remembering the big wins and forgetting all the losers! Because I was only looking at the overall P&L things looked good.  I also had a major "leak" on maiden hurdles at certain courses (in-play trading). Both these problems were very easy to see once I developed this functionality in the spreadsheet - at the press of a button your horse racing P&L is split between flat and jumps, you can then see splits by racecourse, distance, race type, date and you can also filter all of these.  For example, you could see all the maiden hurdle races split by racecourse, or distance, sorted by profitability.  The flexibility is really great and enables you to see what's really going on.