Get Results Summary spreadsheet now before the price increase!

Many thanks to all the current purchasers of the Results Summary spreadsheet!  It would be great to hear more from traders and gamblers who've used it to improve their profits.

For me, I was hemorrhaging money on flat races (in-play trading) which I wasn't aware of - a classic gambler's case of remembering the big wins and forgetting all the losers! Because I was only looking at the overall P&L things looked good.  I also had a major "leak" on maiden hurdles at certain courses (in-play trading). Both these problems were very easy to see once I developed this functionality in the spreadsheet - at the press of a button your horse racing P&L is split between flat and jumps, you can then see splits by racecourse, distance, race type, date and you can also filter all of these.  For example, you could see all the maiden hurdle races split by racecourse, or distance, sorted by profitability.  The flexibility is really great and enables you to see what's really going on.

It's also invaluable to be able to compare profitability across all the sports you trade.  Sometimes when there was a big tournament on, for example, snooker or darts and they clashed with racing I wasn't sure if it was worth my while to trade them - but now I do!  I can see that my average return on snooker is way higher than racing - so I give snooker preference when it's on.  It's not that I have made more in total on snooker than racing - but on the days it's on, it's more profitable for me to trade it than the horses - and it's a nice change of pace too!  For you it may be tennis for example, it doesn't matter, you can see all the sports you trade compared in the Results Summary spreadsheet.  You can even compare year-on-year results to see if you did better on this year's tournament than the last ones!

How much is it worth to you to find out a way of radically reducing your losses and increasing your profits? £5? £1000?  Well the spreadsheet doesn't cost that much!

As stated when I first published V2 of the Results Summary, the initial price was reduced for all the early adopters and it's now time to remove the discount.  The price is going up on 1st August!  Get it cheaper while you can!!!


  1. Bear with the silly questions please.

    Can it distinguish between in running and pre event ?

    Are the results scraped automatically or is it just a download from betUNFAIR.CON that is copied and pasted into excel format. Just want to be sure before I buy.

  2. The spreadsheet is a comprehensive analysis of your Profit and Loss data which you download from your personal Betfair account area ("Betting Profit and Loss" tab in "My account"). It's a long way from a "copy and paste" job!

    Please click on the "Results Summary v2 spreadsheet is here!" tab near the top of this page to find out more about the features and on the other tab there are some videos showing the P&L file import step. You can see how simple it is. It of course requires you to log into your Betfair account and save the P&L file to your hard disk beforehand.

    Regarding your in-running question, Betfair do not provide an indicator in the P&L file as to whether your P&L for an event was from in-play betting or not (and indeed, you may have some pre-event and some during making up the total they state). So until they do this, it is not possible.

    IF Betfair do add this data, then I'll add the fuctionality to the spreadsheet to split this out, in a similar way to how you can currently toggle between "Horse racing" as a total or split out to flat / jumps etc.

    Thanks for your question.

  3. Hello MG,

    I bought the spreadsheet the other day - looks really useful. I started trading in 2008 and want to analyse my results since then - is it a case of just asking someone at Betfair HQ to send me a lifetime Profit and Loss spreadsheet and then whack it into your sheet?



  4. Hi Mets,

    Cool! Yes, you can import it just like any other P&L sheet.

    As you are importing around 40 months worth of data you may find a slight overlap of the monthly and weekly tables (the oldest monthly totals will be hidden underneath the weekly totals table on the "Summary" tab).

    This is easy to rectify - cut (ctrl-x) and paste (ctrl-v) the weekly table a few rows down. You can select the whole weekly table by clicking in the top left corner (above 'week st' and to the left of 'Values' in the blue heading). After moving it, hit the "Refresh" icon (just underneath the Betfair import P&L icon).

    If you have any difficulty at all, then send me your email address and I'll email you a revised version of the spreadsheet to import your data into.

    You can easily export all the data from Results Summary spreadsheet in Betfair format, so going forwards you don't have to keep all the individual BF P&L files. Just backup Results Summary once in a while.

    Hope that helps. Cheers, Mind Games

  5. Thanks for the reply. Just waiting for BF to send me the right sheet (they sent me a summary earlier and not a breakdown) - will let you know if I have any probs. Cheers!