Hughes in a Huff

From  RICHARD HUGHES who handed in his riding licence with immediate effect midway through the card at Kempton's evening meeting on Thursday stuck by his decision on Friday morning.

I don't get it.  The new rule states they can whip the horse at most 2 times before the furlong pole and 5 times after.  Hughes has jacked his careeer in because he wants to whip his horses 6 times in the final furlong.  Come off it Hughes, 1 extra time in the final furlong doesn't make you the Messi of horse racing.

And he doesn't HAVE to whip his horse 2 times before the furlong pole.  If he's got the exceptional finesse to put him at the top of his sport like he states, then he should be happy that the inferior jockeys no longer have the crutch of beating their mounts to the line.  He should have an advantage.

I think Hughes reckons his ultimatum will win the day, it'll be interesting to see.  I hope the BHA hold their nerve.  With even controversial people like Big Mac saying the whip should be banned completely, in the long run it's only going in one direction - on the jockeys arse.


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