Ronnie back from the brink

Ronnie O'Sullivan came cruising to a 5-4 victory yesterday after being 0-4 down to fellow countryman Andrew Higginson at the German Masters.

It was only the first round and Higginson deserved his commanding lead by the mid-session interval due to totally preventing O'Sullivan getting to the table.  Higginson should have sealed victory in the 6th frame when a bit of poor luck saw him snooker himself on the frame ball.  That seemed to be enough to shatter his nerves especially when Ronnie looked commanding once given some table time.

Higginson had already traded at 1.01 in the match odds for a few hundred pounds and thousands at 1.02, despite the fairly low volumes so far traded on this tournament compared to those in England / terrestrial TV.  That proved to be very premature as the odds sprung back strongly as soon as Ronnie was back at the table, seemingly more so than what would be expected merely down to their rankings - perhaps the Ronnie "factor" was at work.

Whatever, it was a great trading opportunity and Ronnie still traded at odds against whilst 3-4 down and at the table.  That was the point where I more or less entered a bet and not a trade - I was sure that if he made it 4-4 Ronnie would get plenty more chances than he needed to clinch victory and not make his journey to Germany fruitless.

O'Sullivan had an easy win today in the second round against a rather stumbling performance from Joe Perry.  Clearly Ronnie wouldn't mind picking up another tournament soon to help not only his interest in the game but also his world ranking and avoid the shock of having to play to one man and his dog in qualifiers.  Lets hope so!

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