So I need to know how to trade as well?!!!

Another losing day!  I have been so utterly focused on my new strategy and following rules to keep me from blowing my bank by chasing losses, that I seem to have totally forgotten how to trade.  Fundamental problem.

Normally I expect to win on about 80% of races.  I aim for 80-90%.  75% is still enough for an acceptable result with my trading style.  Yesterday I LOST on 75% of races!!!  First, the bad news.  If I can't trade profitably then clearly this is a waste of time..........Second, the good news.  I didn't blow my whole bank!  What an achievement, I still lost money, but at least I have a balance to live another day. 

In order to enable me to deal with losses as set out by the book I mentioned, I have had to create a new way of trading.  This involves having criteria for entering and exiting trades and not just entering trades because it feels like a good idea.  This worked fantastically on Saturday where I doubled my (small test) account balance.  It didn't work on Sunday or yesterday, however I think I would have blown my whole balance in times gone past if I was having a 25% strike rate.  I always used to find Monday was a poor day for me and I never used to trade on Sundays, so I'll stick with it on Tuesday - Saturday and see if my new trading method will show a profit for the rest of the week.  I've made a big dent in what I have available to trade with so it'll be hard to achieve a significant amount of profit, but I'll be happy with 10%.
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