New 'filter by sport' control on 'Total by Sport' tab (Results Summary Spreadsheet v3.3.4)

There's a major update to the 'Total by Sport' tab which includes:

  • 'Filter by Sport' control which controls all three tables
    • Select one or several sports
    • Exclude one or several sports
    • All sports
  • New third table showing market type information by sport
  • New 'expand' button and 'Toggle sort column' button to sort the table either by profitability or alphabetically by market type
  • This tab is now similar to the 'My Sport' tab but can be switched to a different sport with a single click.  The 'My Sport' tab is intended for your favourite other sport that you want setup more permanently for review. 
  • The chart previously on this tab has been moved to the 'Graphs' tab
'Football' selected on the new 'Filter by Sport' control

The latest version released today (v3.3.5) added a daily market count on the central table of the 'Summary' tab and this is also shown graphically on the 'Graphs' tab.  Check out the updated screenshot here.

Previous purchasers of v3 of the spreadsheet have already been emailed with their free update details.

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p.s. Happy 4.3.21 !

Benefits of analysing your P&L easily with Results Summary Spreadsheet

'Horse Racing' tab in the Results Summary Spreadsheet (v3)

Many thanks to all the current purchasers of the Results Summary spreadsheet!  It would be great to hear more from traders and gamblers who've used it to improve their profits.

For me, I was haemorrhaging money on flat races (in-play trading) which I wasn't aware of - a classic gambler's case of remembering the big wins and forgetting all the losers! Because I was only looking at the overall P&L things looked good.  I also had a major "leak" on maiden hurdles at certain courses (in-play trading). Both these problems were very easy to see once I developed this functionality in the spreadsheet - at the press of a button your horse racing P&L is split between flat and jumps, you can then see splits by racecourse, distance, race type, date and you can also filter all of these.  For example, you could see all the maiden hurdle races split by racecourse, or distance, sorted by profitability.  The flexibility is really great and enables you to see what's really going on.

Results Summary Spreadsheet v3 is here!

Easily track and analyse your Betfair and Betdaq exchange trading and betting

View your P&L performance over the lifetime of your accounts, find trends, find your best - and worst - market types and shape your future decisions.

Your lifetime results presented in an easy to understand format just one click away.

'Summary' tab (v.3.3.5 showing daily markets count)

See the video here.

'Summary' tab

The heart of the spreadsheet.  

See and understand your Betfair and Betdaq profit & loss data like never before:

  • At a glance your all-time P&L with charts throughout the spreadsheet revealing trends
  • See your all-time P&L by month, week, date, day of week, time of day
  • Drill-down on any date to see more details by:
    • Sport
    • Racecourse / track / team (depending on the sport)
    • Market type
  • New modern design.  New 'hide' button which removes all controls from view to give even more screen space for your results analysis

New in v3 (upgraders from v2 see this post)

  • FootballSee your results by:
    • Match / Team
    • Market type, e.g. Match odds, over/under, tournament betting
    • Click on match or market type to see market information
'Football' tab

  • Horse Racing:
    • Race type
    • Distance (in furlongs)
    • New third table showing results by racecourse which can be sorted by P&L or racecourse.
    • Click on race type or distance or racecourse to see market level information
    • Horse racing split by jumps, flat, place market.  Can be toggled to show total for all horse racing
    • Foreign racetracks now include the country code with the course name
'Horse Racing' tab

  • 'My Sport' user definable tab:
    • This is a new concept in the spreadsheet for a dedicated user-definable sports tab
    • Are you a big Tennis, Darts, Cricket or MMA fan? Done!  
    • You can even analyse Special Bets such as the X-Factor!
'My Sport' tab (Snooker selected)

  • Greyhound racing.  See your results by:
    • Race grade (e.g. A1, A2, S1, OR etc)
    • Distance (in metres)
    • Track
    • Click on race grade or distance or track to see market level information
    • Foreign tracks include the country code with the track name
'Greyhound' tab

Further analysis for ALL sports

  • 'Total by Sport' tab. See your results by:
    • Sub-total by every sport you have results for in a chart and accompanying table
    • Horse racing split by jumps, flat, place market.  Can be toggled to show total for all horse racing
    • Monthly total broken down by each sport
'Total by sport' tab

  • 'Running totals' tab:
    • Your P&L running total split out by sport
    • Timescale can be easily filtered to current year, current quarter, last quarter etc.
    • Sports can be easily filtered to only your results you are interested in, or all
    • Horse racing split by jumps, flat, place market.  Can be toggled to show total for all horse racing
'Running totals' tab

  • 'Graphs' tab:
    • P&L running total for all sports (as per the 'Summary' tab graph, just larger)
    • Average profit by market vs average loss by market each day. See this post for more about how this is useful.
    • Daily strike rate across markets
    • Timescale can be easily filtered to current year, current quarter, any range of dates
'Graphs' tab

  • 'Month comparison' tab
    • P&L running total comparison by month
    • Timescale can be easily filtered to current year, last year, etc.
'Month comparison' tab (showing past three months only)

How to use your P&L analysis information

BUT! This spreadsheet isn’t just about keeping a record of your trading using tables and graphs. It’s been developed over several years to help with becoming a more profitable and consistent trader.  I wanted to find out how to have less risk, less stress, less wasted time and more profit.

Of course you need to adapt your trading according to what you find out and the spreadsheet does not give betting advice.  There’s a saying I really believe in which states, “If you keep doing what you've been doing you'll keep getting what you've been getting”.  Only about 5% of Betfair customers make a long-term profit and that’s mostly very small.  If you can take responsibility and own the fact that the results you see are because of the actions you’ve chosen to take, it means that you are in control.  Find what aspects of your trading are working and hammer them hard!  Reign back the stuff that’s increasing your losses.  Simple, eh?!, so how come most people aren’t doing it?  

How does it work?

Download your Betfair 'BettingPandL' file or Betdaq P&L file then simply click 'Import'.  Simples!

FREE conversion spreadsheet allows you to import your entire lifetime Betfair P&L results in one single import (i.e. more than 3 months worth of data).  This is to get around the 3-month limit Betfair has for the standard P&L download.  See this post for more info.

  • Keep your P&L results private NO uploading your results to someone else's website
  • Fully compatible with Betfair altered file format of 'BettingPandL' (changed in summer 2020)
  • OneDrive: Keep your data backed up in your OneDrive, now supported in v3
    Betdaq P&L
    • Horse racing markets automatically separated from other sports (where Betdaq state the racecourse in the P&L file)
    • Horse racing summaries by win, place and each-way market results
    • Racecourse totals (where available)
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      Windows 7 & 8: There is a security scan in Windows 7 & 8 which can prevent 3rd party Excel files such as the Betfair P&L file from being opened.  When trying to open the Betfair P&L file in excel you will get the error message,"Run-time error '1004': Method 'Open' of object 'Workbooks' failed".  Please download a Betfair P&L file and make sure you can open it before purchasing the 'Results Summary' spreadsheet. If you are using Windows 7 / 8 you can open the Betfair P&L using Open Office (free software) - then by saving it without any changes it can be opened by Excel under Windows 7 /8.  Equally, if you have access to another PC with XP or Vista you can re-save the file before transferring it to your Windows 7 / 8 PC.  This is a known issue which Microsoft have no plans to rectify

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