New 'filter by sport' control on 'Total by Sport' tab (Results Summary Spreadsheet v3.3.4)

There's a major update to the 'Total by Sport' tab which includes:

  • 'Filter by Sport' control which controls all three tables
    • Select one or several sports
    • Exclude one or several sports
    • All sports
  • New third table showing market type information by sport
  • New 'expand' button and 'Toggle sort column' button to sort the table either by profitability or alphabetically by market type
  • This tab is now similar to the 'My Sport' tab but can be switched to a different sport with a single click.  The 'My Sport' tab is intended for your favourite other sport that you want setup more permanently for review. 
  • The chart previously on this tab has been moved to the 'Graphs' tab
'Football' selected on the new 'Filter by Sport' control

The latest version released today (v3.3.5) added a daily market count on the central table of the 'Summary' tab and this is also shown graphically on the 'Graphs' tab.  Check out the updated screenshot here.

Previous purchasers of v3 of the spreadsheet have already been emailed with their free update details.

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To find out more about the whole spreadsheet click here.

p.s. Happy 4.3.21 !

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