Déjà vu maggots

I found maggots climbing out of the kitchen bin this morning.  Well slivering anyhow.  Really gross.  According to Wikipedia they're from the larval phase of flies and the such and not really anything to freak about, I just need to keep the bin closed when there's flies about.  Anyhow, they were nice white ones, not like the ones in the picture.  Kinda upmarket maggots.  If only I could make some money trading I'd be able to employ a cleaner, because it's the last f'ing time I clean the bin. 

I was listening to William Hill radio again yesterday whilst I was trading really badly and the pundits were bemoaning the price of an odds-on favourite before the off, saying that it wasn't backable at odds of 2-5, but that it didn't stop the "maggots" piling-on to take a piece of the action.  I think he means our wonderful vocation.  The cheek.  Still, he is employed by a bookmaker.  They were a bit of a boring bunch yesterday, it was much better on Thursday.  So was my trading.

I hope they weren't an omen for today.
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