It's a challenge

It's a torrid time out there!  I've stopped trading for a while as I'm going around in circles and have traded away a fair chunk of the money set aside.  2 of the few blogs I read on trading posted small losses yesterday (The Experiment & Don't give up your day job) and Ticksize has packed in his blog because of abusive comments.

I'm really new to all this blogging lark and have found it a really encouraging to read about other traders.  I started trading 3 years ago and back then all I knew about trading was a handful of video's provided with the trading software.  I was really winging it and was successful for a few months and then couldn't understand why it started going wrong.  Reading the blogs of other traders has helped me understand more about what is needed to be successful long-term and also about dealing with losses.

I'm going do some more work on my trading methods over the next couple of weeks and won't be trading much if at all, but I'll post to my blog occasionally if I think there's anything that might be useful to post up and get your views on.  I'm thinking about going on one of Peter Webb's "Masterclass" trading courses - do you know anyone who has done one and if it actually produced results?

Another reason I'm spending less time on the trading right now is because I'm doing the "Thirty Day Challenge".  It is a free course in how to set-up a sustainable Internet business, i.e. Internet Marketing.  It's run by a team of IM professionals who've made millions by building-up and selling website businesses.  I've been doing the pre-course training for the past couple of months in my spare time and it's been fun and interesting, I'm really looking forward to finishing the course (It started on 1st August).  Have a look at if you're interested.  In fact it was the pre-course training that taught me about blogging and Google Reader and what got me started reading the blogs of other traders and deciding to set-up this blog.

Hope to hear from you and I'll be back with some more ramblings soon!

All the best.
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