Movin' on up

A quick update as I'm running late after writing some comments and I actually had some other work to do! Then I couldn't publish post for some reason.

I made a 20% profit over 32 races yesterday with 69% of races being profitable and no scratches (no hanging about!), which I'm very pleased with. I have a loose target of 10% per day, but no longer set a daily target as I think that in the past that was one of the pressures that led me to take excessive risks. Come to think of it, I don't even have a weekly or monthly target yet either. Doh! Actually, I suppose my aim of not blowing my bank is my real target for now. If I feel I'm trading consistently in the future then I think I'll set a monthly target.

Does anyone listen to the William Hill racing commentary? Yesterday was very amusing, especially in the early evening when the presenters were wheezing with laughter. Interestingly I did my best trades of the day during that time.

All the best.

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