£7,000 to £7,000,000

No, I'm not trying to outdo the £1,000 to £100,000 challenges! This is the story of a self-taught day trader Rajesh Gill, known as the “seven-to-seven man” because he turned £7,000 into £7 million in two years (don't tell Adam Heathcote or he might push-up his challenge target again!).

What's even more extraordinary is that he was awarded £20 million last month after his broker was deemed to have defrauded him by lying about the value of his account. He found out when his usual contact was on a day-off and he spoke with another employee at the brokerage. Here's a transcript of the awful moment when the penny dropped:
It's quite laughable that even when the sums of money are in the millions the conversation is handled like he's buying a packet of fags in a newsagents! The broker that had lied to him apparently did so to earn commission on the "successful" trades and pocketed £500,000 himself. Makes you wonder if these city firm ever check-up on what their employees are actually doing!Link

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