A 4-Star day for racing

Fantastic to see Kauto Star leading the field a merry dance from the front around Haydock to win his fourth Betfair Chase.

It's such a great story from many angles and perhaps mostly because of the comeback at age 11 from the disappointments of last year after some calls for his retirement.  The Telegraph lead with the angle of Nicholls' decision to keep him in training being vindicated - and boy did he look happy after the race!  Many congratulations to him, great to see the level-headed Master Mind punching the air in excitement.

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Hughes in a Huff

From Racingpost.com:  RICHARD HUGHES who handed in his riding licence with immediate effect midway through the card at Kempton's evening meeting on Thursday stuck by his decision on Friday morning.   www.racingpost.com

I don't get it.  The new rule states they can whip the horse at most 2 times before the furlong pole and 5 times after.  Hughes has jacked his careeer in because he wants to whip his horses 6 times in the final furlong.  Come off it Hughes, 1 extra time in the final furlong doesn't make you the Messi of horse racing.

Goldman Sachs Rule The World? HoaxilyDokily

A self-proclaimed trader, Alessio Rastani, has stated on the BBC news channel that he is relishing the prospect of a far bigger stock market crash than the last and that he has been "dreaming" about this moment for 3 years.  The reason of course being that he could make huge amounts of money.

At least he goes on to try and "help" the man in the street by saying that not only traders can profit from it.

The reaction of the interviewer to this myopic prophecy of doom is quite amusing and at least as candid as Mr Rastani is making out to be.

Betfair lifetime results - how to make sense of them

I was contacted by the author of the excellent Mets Trading Diary blog asking about importing his lifetime Betfair P&L into his copy of Results Summary spreadsheet. Whilst Betfair offer up to 3 months of Betting Profit and Loss data download from "My Account" area on their website, if you require any more than that, then you need to contact the helpdesk at info@betfair.com or by phone.  They will provide a report of the entire "lifetime" P&L of your account.  I received mine in about 4 hours - and my account has been active for 10 years!  It's probably a good idea to contact them in the morning though to get such a quick response.

New videos

Hi, just to let you know that I've posted a couple more videos for the Results Summary spreadsheet.  One is on the more advanced filtering and sorting you can do and the other shows the data export feature.

The Results Summary spreadsheet processes your P&L into meaningful summaries without any need for you to have any Excel programming knowledge.  So you can easily see where your trading & gambling is going right and, *cough*, needs improvement!

If you have any questions, please either leave a comment or email me (address on the profile page).

Check out the videos by clicking the "Videos" tab at the top of the blog or just click here. Cheers!

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Get Results Summary spreadsheet now before the price increase!

Many thanks to all the current purchasers of the Results Summary spreadsheet!  It would be great to hear more from traders and gamblers who've used it to improve their profits.

For me, I was hemorrhaging money on flat races (in-play trading) which I wasn't aware of - a classic gambler's case of remembering the big wins and forgetting all the losers! Because I was only looking at the overall P&L things looked good.  I also had a major "leak" on maiden hurdles at certain courses (in-play trading). Both these problems were very easy to see once I developed this functionality in the spreadsheet - at the press of a button your horse racing P&L is split between flat and jumps, you can then see splits by racecourse, distance, race type, date and you can also filter all of these.  For example, you could see all the maiden hurdle races split by racecourse, or distance, sorted by profitability.  The flexibility is really great and enables you to see what's really going on.

Frankel franks a remarkable day!

Wow, that was quite a time to take my first visit to Newmarket! It was remarkable to see Frankel putting the field to the sword by halfway.  It was audacious to see him pushed clear so early and clearly connections hoped that this was going to be a tremendous win.  And that it was.

It was a great atmosphere at Newmarket and I got to see all the key players in the paddock before the 2,000 Guineas.

 Frankel before his 6 length blitz.

Videos - Overview of Results Summary v2

I've recorded the first couple of videos to show features and benefits of the Results Summary v2 spreadsheet - hopefully more useful to see what's going on this way than ploughing through huge blog posts!

You need 'Flash' to see the videos. There is a full-screen option accessible via the button at the bottom-right of the video screen once you've selected it.

There's a quick overview of all the screens so you get a flavour for what the spreadsheet can do for you, or if you're ready to get started then check out the 'Importing your data' video too.

Click here for Results Summary spreadsheet v2 videos !!!

If you'd like to read more about the features check out the original post by clicking here.

I'll be doing more videos soon showing each screen in more detail and talking about the benefits of having all these different views on your P&L data.

I hope you find them useful!

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All green on the baize

After following the jumps season intensely for several months and then the spectacle of Cheltenham, I've been needing a change of pace and scenery.  So I've given the racing a break and have been following the snooker at the China Open, showing on Eurosport, as a nice build-up to the World Championship in a few weeks.

As I became a fan of snooker many years ago, even before betting on the horses, I still really enjoy it now and having the opportunity to trade the volatile markets is great.