New videos

Hi, just to let you know that I've posted a couple more videos for the Results Summary spreadsheet.  One is on the more advanced filtering and sorting you can do and the other shows the data export feature.

The Results Summary spreadsheet processes your P&L into meaningful summaries without any need for you to have any Excel programming knowledge.  So you can easily see where your trading & gambling is going right and, *cough*, needs improvement!

If you have any questions, please either leave a comment or email me (address on the profile page).

Check out the videos by clicking the "Videos" tab at the top of the blog or just click here. Cheers!

Click here for Advanced data analysis videos!!!


  1. Can i use this program for greyhound too ? Cause all of your videos in your program are with horses, so probably is the same thing, its just a control question :)

  2. Hi Matej,

    Yes- ALL sports are supported!

    The reason greyhounds are not shown in the screenshots is because I don't have any P&L data for them.

    Let me know how you get on! Cheers, Mind Games