Unlocking the secrets of your P&L data by customising Results Summary

Following an email from a purchaser of Results Summary spreadsheet, I've come out of semi-retirement! The emailer asked to be able to analyse their P&L by course in the "Horse racing - type & distance" tab in a similar way that it works for race type and distance. Rather than just adding another table to do this I thought it would be more powerful to show all purchasers how to customise and manipulate their spreadsheet in even more ways.
This means you can set up your P&L results to display exactly how you want, and as before, you keep your P&L results private - there is NO uploading your results to someone else's website.

I hope that this is quite a revelation for those who want to look at their results from new angles and perhaps inspire new strategies.

Please make a backup of your spreadsheet before you try any of the techniques in the video! You've been warned! For instance, if the "Market type" field is moved up from the bottom of the hierachy you will get an error message (Run-time '1004') when pressing the "Collapse all drill downs" button. So it's best if you copy over a fresh version of the table first (as shown near the end of video "part 2").

Whilst I hope you enjoy this please note that I can't be giving free tech support for Excel related questions. Please leave a comment if you have found this useful.

Click here for the Advanced data analysis videos! REMEMBER TO BACKUP YOUR SPREADSHEET FIRST!!!


  1. I've bought your software and I lost it, since my windows had crashed.

    Could you please re-send me the spreadsheet on my e-mail address? How can I get in touch with you?

  2. Hi Константин, yes I have done this for a few people. My email address is on my profile page Profile
    You must contact me from the email address that you used when you purchased the spreadsheet. Thanks.